Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Odd Count Peyote a la Sand Fibers - A Quickie Step-by-Step

I published this step-by-step tutorial for odd count peyote on my Facebook fan page today, but then it occurred to me that a lot of you may not be on Facebook or, if you are, may not be fans of my page. So here it goes:

String on the beads for your 1st and 2nd row and stitch all but the last bead in your third row.

Rather than go in and through only one bead at the end, go through the last two beads (or bead stacks if you are working more than 1-drop).

Your 3rd row will be missing its last bead. Let's fix that.

Pick up the last bead (or bead stack, be sure to go in reverse order) and go through the two beads shown in the photo.

Now you will do a "U-turn," creating the second half of an X with your thread path and coming out the first bead of row one.

Please note that this "U-turn" is only used in for Row 3 (although it is this turn that is often used in other directions). The "U-turn" for future rows, as shown, later in these photos, is what makes this "a la Sand Fibers."

Your thread is still not where you need it to be to continue beading, so...

Go through the last bead of Row 3 and turn your work

You are now ready to bead Row 4.

At the end of "regular" rows, I add one simple step to allow for equal thread passes at the end of all rows. This keeps your work from "bowing" to one side in the final product, allowing for the same thread tension on both sides. Without this, the "regular" end has more give if you don't bead with super tight tension.

I take my needle through the bead immediately below the one I just came out of.

And then I take another quick "U-turn" and am back where I started, and turn my work.

This is the "U-turn" you will use for the "odd" rows from here on in.

When you add the last bead of your row, you only go through the one bead in the preceding row, as shown.

Then you take your needle through the two rows below it, as shown.

Your thread still isn't where you need it to be...

so take it through the last bead of your row and turn.

And, as they would say in England, carry on...

And that's all for today. Be well and get going, but please come back tomorrow for some Wednesday Window Shopping with Sand Fibers.

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  1. Thanks, CD - this is the clearest demo I've ever seen on the subject - much, much appreciated!