Monday, July 30, 2007

Pop Art Peyote Cuff

So this is what happened to the red, black, and white pattern I posted earlier. I needed a little more color in my life this weekend. I'm pleased.

Pop Art Peyote Cuff
Originally uploaded by Sand Fibers


Woke up this morning, logged into Etsy, went to Treasury, and a slot was waiting for me. You can't turn down these opportunities, even when you're not looking for them. ;) Here's a big kiss to the Universe.

07-30-07 Lip Service Treasury

This one will be up through Wednesday night.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Patience is a Virtue treasury

I got lucky again! This one will be up until Sunday evening. You can see it in person on Etsy.

This is for all my fellow beadweaving fools :D

Lucade = Scarf It Up and Sand Fibers

Louise of Scarf It Up commissioned several Sand Fibers triangle pendants and has created some wonderful, fun necklaces with them. I love the way the two media mix so beautifully. She's selling some of these on her Etsy store and some at her gallery. Check out her blog for more details -- I'm sure she would listen to any special request you might have.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The color of the day is Red!

Look at this gorgeous treasury siiri put together. And my lariat is in it! This one is already 2nd most popular on the treasury hits list. It'll be up until Saturday morning, so you can take a look up close and personal if you want ;) (hint, hint, hint)

7-26-07 Poster B&R treasury by siiri

Her darling little avatar would fit in beautifully with all these items (sorry about the poor quality):
And I have a new pattern that I'm working on that features red - I hope to list the cuff by Sunday. The pattern took hours and hours and hours to refine, but I think the results will be worth the effort:

Be well and get going!

Monday, July 23, 2007

As Mondays go,

it's been a good one.

First thing this morning, I was able to snag a treasury on Etsy. I love combining metals.

Heavy Metal Treasury on Etsy

Then I received a positive reaction to my new line: Sand Fibers with Attitude. Here are the first two items under that name:

Sand Fibers with Attitude Cuff

Sand Fibers with Attitude Necklace
These photos are all by way of my new Flickr account, by the bye . . . I'm impressed with the quality of the links.

And then I found myself on this sleek and sexy list created by LeeGainer:

7-23-07 Texas Tea Treasury by LeeGainer

This fascinating piece of hers would have given the list just a little too much color, but--boy!--is it gorgeous:

Did I mention I've enrolled in an online digital photography class??? This could get interesting. Here are the submissions for this week's assignment--to go into the yard and shoot pix of something other than flowers, using only the auto setting. Any and all feedback appreciated.

(You should see the 200+ photos that I didn't submit for this assignment. And the mosquito bites on my legs ;p)

Be well and get going!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Max isn't alone anymore

Bear joined her this afternoon. How sad. For the first time in over 20 years, I am cat-less.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I'm Blessed . . .

I'm not going to go into the litany of wonders that my personal life is filled with. This post is about my business. Sand Fibers isn't selling much lately. That's partly because I've been to farmers market all of two times this entire year (yikes!) and partly because of the summer slowdown in internet sales.

While Sand Fibers isn't selling, it is still getting wonderful exposure. This weekend, the lovely and talented (she keeps promising to produce more peyote pieces!) Megan of CastoCreations included me in her Rare Bird Finds selections:

Be sure to go to Megan's site to ooo and ahh over creations like this sapphire piece that I can't take my eyes off of (click on the photo to go to the original):

And I'm in no less than four separate treasuries on Etsy right now (for the next four hours or so).

This first one is by sylviavincent in Australia, who's dreaming of flying kites:

Sylvia doesn't have any kite themed items in her own shop, but take a look at her beautiful pendants. I'm definitely drooling over this one:

(By the way, Sylvia has been on Etsy almost two weeks longer than I have ;O)

Now look at the gorgeous turquoise treasury that ljs531 put together:

These two butterfly shaped potholders of hers would have been really comfortable in her list:

Hilari of Lazy Lima Bean, one of the oldest sellers on Etsy -- EDIT: That should read "one of the oldest SHOPS on Etsy"--, put this eclectic list together and included one of my cuffs:

After wandering around Hilari's shop, I'm really tempted by this purse. I'm such a freak for texture!

Last, but not least, of my treasury blessings is the one silkcreekgallery put together featuring, brown blue and green:

This fun little choker of hers would feel right at home in her treasury:

So, I may not be selling, but I am being seen :D

Oh, and I finally designed and beaded this -

The inspiration came directly from this wonderful chainmaille piece by LuminosityFashions:

That's all for today :) Be well and get going!