Monday, July 23, 2007

As Mondays go,

it's been a good one.

First thing this morning, I was able to snag a treasury on Etsy. I love combining metals.

Heavy Metal Treasury on Etsy

Then I received a positive reaction to my new line: Sand Fibers with Attitude. Here are the first two items under that name:

Sand Fibers with Attitude Cuff

Sand Fibers with Attitude Necklace
These photos are all by way of my new Flickr account, by the bye . . . I'm impressed with the quality of the links.

And then I found myself on this sleek and sexy list created by LeeGainer:

7-23-07 Texas Tea Treasury by LeeGainer

This fascinating piece of hers would have given the list just a little too much color, but--boy!--is it gorgeous:

Did I mention I've enrolled in an online digital photography class??? This could get interesting. Here are the submissions for this week's assignment--to go into the yard and shoot pix of something other than flowers, using only the auto setting. Any and all feedback appreciated.

(You should see the 200+ photos that I didn't submit for this assignment. And the mosquito bites on my legs ;p)

Be well and get going!

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  1. Sounds like a great Monday to me... I hope the treasury brings you lots of Etsy sales and I'm off to take a closer look at yours. Sara x